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Jim Caffes, President & CEO

Founded in 1982 by Jim Caffes and Larry Steele, Caffes-Steele Inc. is a commercial window and door installation contractor specializing in new construction, renovations, storefront and curtainwall. Coming from humble beginnings, Jim and Larry started replacing windows on a small-scale, doing various residential projects throughout the DC area. Happy home-owners were thrilled with their new windows installed with superior craftsmanship, and as time wore on, they developed a bigger clientele base due to their work ethic and reliability. Before they knew it, more employees were needed to keep up with the increasing number of projects that grew larger in scale and scope. However in 1988, Larry made the decision to leave Caffes-Steele to pursue other ventures; the split was amicable and the former founders remained friends. With Jim solely at the helm, the company continued to grow and expand, their work encompassing much larger projects as the years wore on, with greater demands and a greater need for expertise. Part of this expansion occurred in 1999 when a Virginia branch was formed outside of Richmond, creating a bigger corridor for Caffes-Steele to operate. Through Jim’s vision and natural knack for management, the company is in its 35th year of business, and has emerged as a leader in the window and door trade. Jim still works on a regular basis, providing insight and sound advice only attained through his many years in the business. His dedication and kindness are well entrenched in the company culture, gaining respect from customers to employees. He currently resides in Maryland with his wife Sandra, and has three sons, two of which are involved in the company.

Beltsville Team

Top left to right: Claudia Caffes, Damian Wassel, Mike Dunavant, Jean Leahy

Bottom left to right: Arturo Alvarez, Dan Leahy

(Not pictured: Sandra Caffes,  Mark Fara, Ken Jarvis, Dave Allerdings, Paul Capezzuto, Jamie Caffes, Jon Caffes)

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